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Welcome To Working With Pink Pig Financials

Please watch the short video below and complete the steps required to get everything in place as quickly and simply as possible.

We can't wait to start working with you and give you more time to do the things you love!


Before we get started we'll need a few things from you:

Please -

  1. complete our on boarding checklist here.
  2. Please set up your DD here.
  3. If you're already using Xero please give us Advisor and Payroll Admin access to your Xero Account

Welcome to Pink Pig Financials

So what happens next?

  1. You will shortly receive your invites to set up your accounts for Receipt Bank & Xero
  2. You will also receive a welcome email relevant to the services we will provide you with, which will also include the instructions for setting up and using your apps, as well as our Welcome Pack which will take you through what happens in the next few months in more detail - this is summarised in the diagrams below.
  3. Below we have 3 guides you can download - our ebook which we have written giving you information about setting up and running your business, an expenses guide taking you through the expenses you can and can't put through your company, and our Cashflow Calm guide which takes you through the 3 key steps to ensure a healthy cashflow.
  4. If you require any registrations with HMRC or Companies House we will get these completed as soon as we have the required information from you.
  5. And finally we will set up the authorisation with HMRC for us to speak with them on your behalf. You will receive a letter in the post from HMRC for each tax with an authorisation code - please let us have this/these code(s) as soon as you receive them.

Working with PPF Timeline First Month

Download Our Free Guides

Working with PPF Timeline After One Month

We're with you for life, not just for year-end, so please get in touch whenever you need us. We're here for you to lean on. Cheryl x