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Onboarding Checklist

Welcome To Working With Pink Pig Financials

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We're delighted that you've chosen to work with us and can't wait to get started!

In order to get going as quickly as possible the are various bits of information we need to get from you. These will help us to:

  1. get our systems and processes up and running, so we can help you more efficiently;
  2. complete ID checks as required by law (sorry bit boring!);
  3. request authority from HMRC for us to speak to them on your behalf;
  4. and (if needed) contact your previous accountant to enable a smooth handover.

If you're unsure about any of the questions, please don't stress - just fill in the bits you know.. Many don't have to be answered now, but of course the more we can get, the quicker we can start helping you!

So please complete the form to the left and let us start taking the stress out of your accounts.