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We are now partnered with Futrli!

Monday, November 26, 2018
By Cheryl Sharp
We are now partnered with Futrli!

Traditionally accountants help with your figures in a historical and reactive way.  They would review what happened last month, quarter or year.  At PPF we’re not in business to be traditional, as you can probably tell from our website and social media channels!  Our number one priority is you, your business and helping you to make the most of your figures.  As well as giving you time back for your business and families, we also want you to achieve greater financial success personally and professionally.

Proactive, not reactive

In all areas of life there is a clear shift to the cloud and cloud based systems (any service or product that works via a website).  You simply log in online to access it.  This has resulted in more data, and more up to date data and that data is something we can use to drive your business!

Looking forward, not backwards

What is your profit margin right now?  What does this mean?  How much should you set aside for your tax bill?  Can you afford to expand?  Have you got enough cash?  Traditional systems didn’t allow us to work together in this manner. Great companies don’t succeed just because they have a great service or product.  They succeed because they know what’s coming and plan for it. For example, by forecasting growth and considering different scenarios of how the future might look.  This means they know where to invest, how to allocate people and money, and what preparations to make for each stage of their journey.  Futrli allows us to do all of this and more with you.  Plus, it is presented in beautiful way that’s easy to understand, not just a wall of numbers!

The future

It is important that we continue to improve our services and to support your business.  Futrli is our commitment to you, to help you run your business more intelligently; to achieve greater results with less effort and to finally enjoy the numbers.

We know you didn’t go into business to do a tax return.  If you want more certainty in your business let's talk together about your future – visit our forecasting page to start the journey with us!