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Guest Blog - Top Tips for More Effective Marketing

Wednesday, October 31, 2018
By Sam Dixon, Thrive In Business
Guest Blog - Top Tips for More Effective Marketing

Hi, I’m Sam and I’m the founder of Thrive In Business (  I’m a Marketing Coach & Consultant and Cheryl has kindly asked me to share some of my top tips to help you become more effective with your marketing in your business.

Let’s go.

Top Tip Number One - Who are you?

I don’t mean you as a person but as a business.  Are you clear on your ‘mission’ and your ‘purpose’.  Or put more simply, why do you exist and why should someone choose to do business with you rather than someone else?

Being absolutely clear on who you are, what you offer and the benefits of working with you are going to be incredibly helpful when you’re looking at your branding and messaging.

Let’s take Cheryl as an example.  She says “We help parents (especially mums) lay the foundations on which to build successful businesses and achieve their goals around their family commitments”.  

I love this.  And even better still….

“Because less time on your books means more time with your family”

That’s a great message and a reminder of how she and her team are going to help you.  She’s clear on who she helps and what benefit they can expect to receive by working with her. More time with your family. Brilliant!

Have a go.  Can you be as clear?  Don’t worry if you’re not there, take time to think it through.  And where you can, include your unique selling point if you have one.  What’s your point of difference over other people in a similar field? It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking.  My point of difference is that I have 20 years of marketing experience, I’ve launched 3 businesses and I have a young family.  Nothing groundbreaking but it offers reassurance that by working with me you’re getting true experience and as I work solely with women, mostly mums, I understand the challenges of running your own business alongside a business homelife.

Top Tip Number Two - Who do yu want to attract?

News flash!  Not everyone is your ideal client.  I know, it’s hard, especially when you’re first starting out, to want to work with everyone. But from experience you’ll find out you can’t be everything to everyone.  And actually, being clear on who you want to work with really helps in decision making in marketing.  Which channels to use to acquire business and build relationships.  What do I need to be saying yes to (where does my ideal client hang out) and what should I say no to (where’s my less than ideal client hang out).  We’ve all had them!  

And if you’re in a place where all your attracting is your less than ideal clients, take a step back and review what you’re doing in your business to make them think you want to work with them.  If you’re a premium product or service and you’re attracting enquiries and feedback that you’re too ‘expensive’ or ‘they don’t have money to invest’, rather than reducing your price, work out what you need to change to get infront of people who want to work and buy from you.  Know your worth.

Top Tip Number Three - Not perfect, but done!

Cheryl reminded me of this one recently.  “Not perfect, but done”.  We’d all love to have everything perfect in our business, but in reality we rarely go from 0-100 straight away.  Work out those smaller steps that are going to get you to goal or ‘your perfect’.  Make sure whatever route you’re taking you can grow and expand with.  Launch a website.  Let it be the beginning of your ‘shop window’.  As long as it communicates who you are and what you do, launch it.  Then add functionality as you go along.  Blogs, making it transactional / take bookings, capture emails, etc etc. 

I hope that this has helped you wherever you are on your business journey.  For more tips and a nifty workbook to download, check out:

And if you’re looking for a group with my help and support from other like-minded women in business, come over and join my Facebook group: